Bike Categories Sold By Baby Bicycle Manufacturers

Bikes are a prevalent thing to spot in homes, and most parents look forwards to getting their kids one. The varying colors make them quite attractive, and some have a cartoon theme added to them. A baby bicycle is slightly different from big kids’ bikes; some even look like oversized toys. Despite the evident joy parents have, most are confused about which bicycle to order from the supplier. Baby bikes vary in size to suit the ages of one and three. This article enlightens you on the different bikes sold by baby bicycle manufacturers.

Categories of baby bikes

Bike riding is fun; the earlier a child begins to ride, the easier it becomes for them. Kids learn to balance much faster than those twice their age; hence buying a cycle is an excellent idea. Several types of baby bicycles are appropriate for toddlers; most manufacturers have them in varying sizes, colors, and prices. The five main types include;

Balance bikes

They are also called run or push bikes since they come pedal less. They are a popular choice, and their safety makes them lovable. These bikes are perfect for toddlers from a year and a half onwards. Alternatively, any child can ride it once they start walking to try and achieve the desired balance. Balance bikes provide kids with the foundation needed to ride a bigger bike. Some toddlers even skip the training wheels and start pedaling right away.


A tricycle is also a common option; most parents opt for it. The three big wheels seem to provide better balance than the balance bike, but the kids don’t learn actual cycling. It’s a great pick but only for some time, and the child outgrows it. Some manufacturers make tricycles that can convert into balance bikes when the child is grown. Though pricey, they are good and save you money in the future.

Pedal bikes

These bikes have training wheels; thus, they resemble the tricycle. The combination of pedals and training wheels makes them heavier and therefore challenging for the child to handle. The extra wheels also hinder balancing, which is a vital developmental skill, and the kid takes longer to learn pedaling. If a pedal bike is what you want, take off the pedals so the child learns how to balance. Later, put back the pedals and remove the training wheels to exercise the pedaling skill.

Ride-on toys

They are great for toddlers below 18 months. They come with three or four wheels depending on the design, allowing the child to have fun while scooting around. Kids don’t need balancing on these toys, but they give them the thrill and excitement of biking before they progress to a balance bicycle.

Bottom line

Just because your child is less than three years doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy biking. Baby bicycle manufacturers are many locally and on platforms like Alibaba. The bicycle designs are vast, so you are not limited to one. The options listed above provide a good starting point for toddlers, depending on their age and motor skills. They have varying price tags, so buy what fits your budget and your child’s needs.



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